Ike’s Anvil is the Eisenhower Institute’s blog for undergraduate perspectives on public policy and leadership. It is a repository for Gettysburg College students to share their views on local, national, and world issues, as well as on Eisenhower Institute programs and events.

The Anvil is inspired by the legacy of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and its name comes from his last name, which in German means “iron miner.” As president, Eisenhower was known for his pragmatic and moderate approach to solving problems. In a time of political polarization, we hope this blog will perpetuate Eisenhower’s legacy in civil discourse today. For some contributors, the Anvil may be a place to hammer out political consensus; for others, it may be a space to forge their identity as an engaged citizen and leader.

Naveen Wineland ’27, Managing Editor

Ike’s Anvil publishes reflections from Gettysburg College on
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Interested in content from 2010–2018? You can find it at the Ike’s Anvil Archive. 

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About the Eisenhower Institute
Grounded in President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s legacy of leadership, the Eisenhower Institute at Gettysburg College promotes nonpartisan discourse and critical analysis of issues of long-term importance through competitive fellowships, access to renowned experts, and symposia.

The Institute prepares undergraduates to assume their responsibility as global citizens in public, private, and nonprofit sectors—students learn how to lead with integrity, build capital to garner influence, and translate knowledge into action.