Decision 2020: Anthony Brindisi vs. Claudia Tenny (NY-22)

Lily Sellers ’22

In New York’s 22nd congressional district, incumbent Anthony Brindisi (D) is running against former congresswoman Claudia Tenney (R). During the last election in 2018, Tenney was holding the house seat and lost by a margin of less than 4,500 to Brindisi. In fact, Tenney did not concede until 25 days after the election.

NY-22. United States Department of the Interior/ 7partparadigm via Wikimedia Commons.

The main local issue for this election is how to combat the monopoly that local internet provider, Spectrum, has created. In 2016, when Time Warner Cable merged with Charter Communications, the lack of competition and price increases began. In the 4 years since, Spectrum has increased prices by almost 6 times and, in turn, has not reached any of the intended benchmarks put in place prior to the merger. Tenney believes that this is a state-level issue and that the company needs to be broken up in order to allow for natural competition and price decreases. However, Brindisi believes that from a federal level, accountability and transparency should force Spectrum to ensure trust and decrease prices on their own.

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Decision 2020: Scott Perry vs. Eugene DePasquale (PA-10)

Nick Silvis ’23

Pennsylvania’s 10th congressional district, which encompasses all of Dauphin County as well as parts of Cumberland County and York County, is one of the most competitive congressional elections in the country.

The race pits Eugene DePasquale, Pennsylvania’s current Auditor General, against incumbent Republican Representative Scott Perry. DePasquale, as the current fiscal watchdog and former state representative, hopes that his experience investigating governmental agencies and eliminating fraud and abuse from Harrisburg will win over moderate Republicans and Independents. Perry, who has represented the district since 2013, has largely endorsed President Trump’s platform and is a member of the conservative House Freedom Caucus (Hullinger).

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