Women and Leadership

The Eisenhower Institute’s newly re-launched Women and Leadership program is off to a great start. Under the leadership of Dr. Anne Douds, a former trial lawyer and policy consultant, students will examine the intersections between gender and leadership in government, business, and other fields.

Setting the agenda for the semester.

In addition to meeting practitioners in Gettysburg and Washington D.C. to discuss their professional experiences and career paths, students will journal and reflect on their own leadership journeys. Throughout the semester, we will share some of these reflections here on Ike’s Anvil. We invite you to share your own thoughts on the concepts and issues raised by the cohort by commenting on their posts and sharing your own experiences with them.

Ike’s Anvil: Reforged

The Eisenhower Institute at Gettysburg College is excited to re-launch Ike’s Anvil in anticipation of new content this spring. While the original site served its purpose well, certain limitations inspired us to launch an updated platform to showcase student engagement with the most pressing challenges of our time. Moreover, we have expanded the remit of the Anvil to focus on issues of public policy and leadership development to better reflect the mission of the Eisenhower Institute and the content of our blog. 

Our new content will focus on four areas: 

  • Nation & World
  • Campus & Community
  • EI Events
  • EI Programs

This semester, reflections from the Women and Leadership program will be the first to be featured on our relaunched site. 

Interested in content from 2010-2018? You can find these at the Ike’s Anvil Archive.