Is the United States Ready for Another War in Europe?

By Kalyan Mukherjee ’27

Kalyan Mukherjee ’27

American foreign policy is at a critical moment. Between the Russian Invasion of Ukraine and the Israel-Hamas conflict, there is no question that the State Department is more than busy. Renewed tensions between Serbia and Kosovo in the Balkans threaten to burden the United States’ role in the region even more. Due to the history of US involvement in the Balkans, we would almost certainly be obliged to get involved if a conflict were to break out. This would overstretch the already limited aid the US can give allies, especially because of increasing polarization within the US government.   

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How to Navigate AI-Superpowered Disinformation

By Tom Cassara ’23

Tom Cassara ’23

If it feels like 2024’s election represents the third “tipping point” in eight years, considering the tumultuous 2016 and 2020 elections, you’re not alone. However, this year is different: it’s global. With more than 2 billion potential voters, the pressure is on as thousands of candidates seek positions of power around the world, including Mexico, India, the EU, and the US.  Continue reading “How to Navigate AI-Superpowered Disinformation”