Inflation and the Economic Consequences of COVID

By Drew Lemon ’24

Drew Lemon ’24

Over the past several months, American families have watched the prices of everyday goods and services ascend to new heights as inflation has reached never-before-seen levels. Everyday goods and services such as food, clothing, home supplies and air transportation have become impossible to purchase for many families across the United States.

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The Coronavirus and its Impact on the Global North-South Divide

Sam Arkin ’23

Sam Arkin ’23

The Coronavirus pandemic has profoundly furthered the existing schism between the “global North” and the “global South.” The North-South divergence emerged after WWII as developed nations transitioned into industrialized manufacturing-based economies. The largely agricultural developing nations had not been a part of the post-war discourse, excluding them from politics thereafter and thus, becoming the global South. Since WWII, many of those developing nations have transitioned into or surpassed a manufacturing-based economy. While this has greatly minimized the divide between developed and developing nations, those of the global South still lack equal status with members of the global North. As  a result, developing nations are entering a predefined international system that excludes them from any level of ascendancy established post WWII.

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College Students: The Forgotten Americans in a Pandemic

Mikelyn Britt ’23

Mikelyn Britt ’23

Full-time college students have been left out of the stimulus checks for the length of the  COVID-19 pandemic. Students aged 18 to 24 are still eligible to be claimed as dependents on their parents’ taxes and are therefore unqualified for the $1,400 stimulus checks. In addition to this oversight, because many college students are over 17, their parents do not receive the additional $500. Why are they different from any other dependents?

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Decision 2020: Trump vs. Biden in Florida

Miranda Zamora ’23

Florida Presidential Election Results 2016
Florida Presidential Election Results 2016. Ali Zifan, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

President Donald Trump cast his ballot in Palm Beach County, Florida, on October 24. As we know, winning Florida is crucial for a presidential candidate in the election, yet it has always been difficult to determine how Florida will vote. The state does not typically show a strong loyalty to either political party and has often been called the “bellwether state” for accurately predicting the national moods of the presidential elections. In fact, since 1928, Florida has only twice voted against the winner of the presidential race.

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